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 Post subject: ***Alpine Garrison Addendum to the Legion Charter***
PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:58 pm 
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Alpine Garrison Addendum to the 501st Legion Charter

1. Garrison Governing Documents

As a regional chapter of the 501st Legion, members of the Alpine Garrison are governed by the Legion Charter and directives from Legion Command. The Garrison Addendum serves to address programs specific to the Garrison that are not covered in the Legion Charter. All 501st and non-501st participants are held to the standards of conduct in the Legion Charter and the Alpine Garrison Addendum. The Alpine Garrison is an inclusive, equal-opportunity fan club and will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, sexual orientation, or religion.

2. Garrison Leadership

A. The Alpine Garrison falls under the ultimate command of the Legion Commanding Officer and their Command Staff. Within the Alpine Garrison, three types of offices exist: Command, Leader, and Administrative. Command offices exist to oversee the organization and deployment of troops and to set and enforce policy. Command offices include the Commanding Officer (CO) and Executive Officer (XO). Squad Leaders (SLs) have a lesser supervisory role under the direction of the CO. Administrative offices exist to perform the administrative duties required by the club and are appointed by the CO.

Garrison Command Staff

i. Commanding Officer: The Alpine Garrison Commanding Officer (CO) operates as the leader of the Alpine Garrison membership. In addition to the duties outlined in the Legion Charter, the CO is responsible for:
- determining whether a Garrison event is official or unofficial; and
- posting on the forums, as well as sending email notifications of elections or calls to vote.

ii. Executive Officer: The Alpine Garrison Executive Officer (XO) is appointed by the Garrison CO to assist in all duties assigned to the CO, either in his/her absence or by delegation. Additionally, the XO is responsible for:
- being the immediate supervisor of the Alpine Garrison armorers team; and
- serving as a liaison between the Garrison and all Legion detachments.

iii. Squad Leader: Alpine Garrison Squad Leaders adhere to the duties outlined for Squad Leaders (SL) in the Legion Charter.

Garrison Administrative Staff

The following positions are required, as stipulated by the Legion Charter:
iv. Garrison Membership Liaison: (GML) is responsible for:
- receiving and processing applications for membership sent to him/her from the Legion as well as those from within the Garrison;
- ensuring that prospective members have a good quality costume, representative of the Imperial Forces or its sympathizers as featured in the Star Wars films or its expanded universe sources;
- tracking Legion identification numbers of Garrison members;
- conducting the annual census as stipulated in the Legion Charter to ensure that each individual member's information is current, and to assess the current number of active members; and
- updating and maintaining the rosters and phone lists;
The GML is the immediate supervisor of the Garrison cadet corps.

v. Garrison Web Liaison: (GWL) is responsible for:
- receiving member images from the GML;
- processing and inserting the cleaned images into the Legion-provided database frame sets, then sending those images to the LWM for posting on the Legion website; and

vi. Garrison Public Relations Officer: (GPRO) is responsible for:
- monitoring community activities for event potential and gathering news of events and activities from Garrison members;
- making contact with any Star Wars celebrities, convention and event organizers, web and print publications, and promoters and publicists for the purpose of promoting the Garrison and its mission;
- establishing and maintaining current personal contacts within the various local media outlets;
- maintaining contacts with other fan clubs and fostering cooperative relationships;
- when and where appropriate gathering 'Letters of Thanks' and recommendation from various convention and event organizers in whose events the Garrison participates;
- maintaining current publicity materials for dissemination to the media and public at large and making sure these materials are posted appropriately in advance of any Garrison appearances; and
- assisting the Legion PRO in creating and maintaining all press release materials at the Legion level.

The CO may call additional officers as needed. Examples of such officers may be (but is not limited to):
vii. Garrison Secretary: (GS) is responsible for:
- taking and keeping the minutes at any official Garrison meeting, virtually, in person, or by any other means;
- being able to recount or summarize any Garrison activity for the PRO or GH;
- maintaining the documentation of the Garrison and Squad boundaries;
- helping to maintain current Juvenile Participation Waivers (JPW) which will be digitally stored on the Garrison website under joint administration with the GWM. All JPWs need to be updated yearly;
- serving as assistant to all Garrison Officers.

viii. Garrison Financial Officer: (GFO) is responsible for:
- monitoring and maintaining detailed records of all fund-raising and merchandising monies received from Garrison-related activities;
- securing charitable funds until they are turned over to the applicable charity, or in the case of certain charities like Toys For Tots, used to purchase donations for that charity;
- monitoring any monies contributed to the Garrison expressly for Garrison's use and keeping detailed records of all Garrison expenditures, receipts, and monetary assets;
- maintaining financial records, and will make them available at all times for inspection by Garrison and/or Legion Command, the public, or any other interested party;
- making sure that funds are not misused;
- making sure all financial obligations of the Garrison are taken care of in a timely manner from the appropriate Garrison accounts; and
- reporting annually at the Garrison meeting the financial history and status during the previous year.

ix. Garrison Webmaster: (GWM) is responsible for:
- maintaining the Alpine Garrison website and discussion boards;
- maintaining the site's content and appearance;
- maintaining ownership of the Garrison's domain name and for making sure that any and all web hosting fees are paid;
- working closely with the GWL on maintaining the site's photo galleries for Garrison events; and
- maintaining contact with the Legion Webmaster (LWM) to ensure that Garrison information for all Legion sites are consistent.

x. Garrison Quartermaster: (GQM) is responsible for:
- tracking the physical assets of the Garrison, including props, vehicles, trophies, furnishings, decorations, and stock of publications and merchandise;
- maintaining detailed records of all non-monetary assets, which should include a pictorial record; serial numbers may be applied and recorded by the GQM;
- tracking all property loaned to the Garrison until it's returned to its owner;
- keeping the Prize Vault inventory up to date, adding and deleting items as they are acquired and dispersed;
- noting the receipt of all non-monetary charity donations and for which specific charity the donations were made. These items will be tracked by the GQM until they are released to the corresponding charity;
- keeping track of the locations of the Garrison's acquired items, but not responsible for personally storing or acquiring the items; and
- conducting an annual audit during the month of April during which time the status and location of all Garrison property will be inventoried and verified, and report the findings of this audit to the Executive Council.

xi. Garrison Historian: (GH) is responsible for:
- chronicling all Garrison activities and updating the Garrison History accordingly;
- obtaining from sources inside and outside of the Garrison any print or images documenting Garrison activity, distilling this information into a form that the GW and/or GWL can use to update the Garrison History posted on the Garrison website;
- backing up this information in various formats to ensure its preservation; and
- maintaining this information for the PRO, GWM, GWL, or any others needing to access it, including Garrison or Legion Command.

B. Executive Council: (EC) comprised of all Command, Administrative, as well as any Squad Leaders. The EC serves to assist the CO in matters of establishing and interpreting Garrison policy, conducting Garrison business, and serves as the default panel for disciplinary hearings.

C. Special Teams and Committees: the CO may call special committees and teams at any time to meet the needs of the Garrison. Committees may be tied to special events or projects. Teams would generally be more long-term assignments. Committee and team members are appointments and are not considered to be officers. Committees and teams may be dissolved at any time at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

3. Garrison Elections & Voting

A. The Alpine Garrison adheres to the election and voting policies outlined in the Legion Charter for both annual and special elections.

B. Notice of upcoming nominations, questions and answer periods, and elections will be posted on the Garrison boards and e-mailed at least one week prior to the beginning of each. These notifications are the responsibility of the Garrison CO for Garrison elections and the SL for Squad elections.

C. Though newly elected individuals will assume their positions on the dates prescribed in the Legion Charter, the Annual Meeting (which is generally held the first Saturday in March) is where the symbolic transition of leadership takes place, with the outgoing CO opening the meeting and presenting a recap and any closing-term business, and the incoming CO then taking over to introduce new officers, discuss goals and plans, and officially close the meeting.

4. Addendum Amendments and Resolutions

A. This Addendum may be amended at any time to make needed corrections, additions, or deletions. Members may present any concerns they have regarding the Addendum to the Executive Council. The Executive Council shall then create, discuss, and refine such amendments to be approved by a majority vote. Once approved by the Executive Council, the amendment is sent to the Garrison membership for discussion and ratification.

B. Resolutions (a formal expression of opinion) to accompany this Addendum can be created at any time. The Executive Council would create, discuss, and refine such resolutions. Every member of the Executive Council must cast a vote in order for the results to be binding; approval is obtained by a plus one majority vote. Once approved by the Executive Council, the resolution is added to the Addendum page of the forums. There is no requirement for ratification of resolutions by the general membership. However, the CO can offer resolutions for ratification at their discretion.

5. Garrison Organization

A. Geography - The Alpine Garrison covers the states of Utah, Idaho, and Montana. A current list of Garrison and Squad boundaries is maintained by the GS. Should membership allow for the formation of a new Garrison within current boundaries, effected members of the Alpine Garrison will follow the new Garrison application process outlined in the Legion Charter.

B. Squads - The Garrison acknowledges and adheres to the Squad-level unit as outlined in the Legion Charter. A Squad Leader is elected to oversee the Squad, however, all Squad members still fall under the command of the Alpine Garrison Command Staff.

C. Garrison Membership Definitions - the Alpine Garrison is made up of more than official members of the 501st Legion. The goal of membership and purpose of auxiliary categories for the Alpine Garrison is to properly identify where an individual is on their progress towards full membership in the 501st Legion, or their definition in a supporting role to the Garrison. The following membership categories and classifications properly identify an individual within the Garrison organization.

i. 501st Member: is a registered forum user who:
- has completed an approved 501st costume;
- has been accepted into the 501st Legion; and
- is in good standing with the Legion.

ii. Auxiliary Member: is a member of the Alpine Garrison and is NOT officially recognized by the 501st Legion. However, they are recognized at the Garrison level for their contribution to the functioning of the Garrison as a unit. The following categories will identify Auxiliary Membership in the Alpine Garrison:

a. Recruit: (Adult Pre-Membership) is a registered forum user who:
- is 18 years or older;
- lives within the Garrison boundaries;
- who owns, or has started working on (in progress*), a qualifying 501st costume of the quality required by Legion standards; and
- has attended at least one event. A Recruit has access to 'Garrison Members Only' forums, and may post and reply to messages.

b. Cadet: (Juvenile Pre-Membership) is a registered forum user who:
- is under the age of 18 and above the age of six;
- has filled out and submitted a Juvenile Participation Waiver (JPW**) to the GS;
- lives within the Garrison's boundaries;
- who owns, or has started working on (in progress*), a qualifying 501st costume of the quality required by legion standards; and
- who has attended at least one event. A Cadet has access to 'Garrison Members Only' forums, and may post and reply to messages.

* 'In progress' costumes will be:
- evaluated semi-annually by the GML in the course of their official census;
- evaluated quarterly as directed by the XO. This is to encourage progress towards membership in the 501st by offering guidance and assistance and NOT to persecute and/or discourage effort; and
- barring extenuating circumstances, a total lack of progress will not be accepted. Some extenuating circumstances would include (but are not limited to) a leave of absence for religious obligations or military service, incapacitating illness or injury, financial hardships, etc.

** Juvenile Participation Waivers (JPW) - Juvenile participation is welcome in the Garrison, with certain limitations:
- no juveniles under the age of six are encouraged to officially participate and they are not eligible for auxiliary membership as a Cadet;
- juveniles between the ages of six and 15 are eligible for membership as a Cadet provided one or both custodial parents are a 501st member and a member of the Alpine Garrison. Liability in this case is assessed to the member parent who must be in attendance at events with the Cadet; and/or
- juveniles aged 16 and 17 are eligible for auxiliary membership as a Cadet provided one or both custodial parents are a 501st member OR one or both custodial parents sign a JPW acknowledging their juvenile's participation at each event The juvenile is subject to the conditions listed on the waiver, the most important being the Event Venue and Garrison's exemption from liability with regards to the juvenile's participation.

iii. Non-Member: is a contributor to the Garrison that does not wish to participate in costume. The following categories will identify Non-Members in the Alpine Garrison:

a. Supporter: is a registered forum user who:
- wishes to post information on the Garrison's message boards and interact with members;
- does not qualify for membership based on the fact that they do not wish to participate in Garrison activities in costume; and/or
- does not have, or wish to have, a qualifying costume.

b. Visitor: is a registered forum user who:
- wishes to post information on the Garrison's message boards and interact with members;
- does not qualify for membership based on residency; and/or
- does not wish to have a qualifying costume or participate officially in Garrison activities. The only requirements for visitors are to provide the minimum information asked for to register and agree to adhere to the posting rules and regulations outlined on the Garrison boards.

iv. Special Garrison Memberships

a. Garrison Honorary Member: the Alpine Garrison recognizes that significant contributions and support can be made by people who are not interested in, or not eligible for, membership in the Garrison or the Legion. Therefore, the Garrison provides for an 'Honorary Membership', which helps the Garrison to recognize these individuals, their contributions, and serves to express our gratitude and association with them.
- A name can be submitted for Honorary Membership by any member of the Garrison (including Recruits). All submissions should include a citation of the reason(s) the candidate deserves Honorary Membership. The submission is made to the GML (or designee). The GML will present the name and accompanying citation to the Officers for a vote. Honorary Membership must be approved by a plus-one majority vote of the Garrison Officers. Once approved, Honorary Membership should be officially bestowed in a manner befitting the honoree. Honorary Members enjoy all of the privileges of 'Recruit' status, including access to 'Garrison Members Only' forums.
- Honorary Members are displayed in the Honorary Member section of the Garrison webpage, but are not recognized at the Legion level unless honorary status is granted at the Legion level as well.

b. Emeritus Status: circumstances may arise where a 501st member must move out of the Alpine Garrison’s boundaries despite their own wishes. Where this member has served in an exemplary fashion and the member wishes to maintain in continued association with the Garrison, 'Emeritus Status' may be granted.
- A member can be nominated for Emeritus Status by any active member of the Garrison, including the departing member themselves. The nomination should be submitted to the GML. The GML will present the name to the Officers for a vote. Emeritus Status must be approved by a plus-one majority vote of the Garrison Officers. Emeritus Members enjoy all of the privileges of 'Recruit' status, including access to 'Garrison Members Only' forums.
- Emeritus Members are displayed in the Emeritus Members section of the Garrison webpage, but are not recognized at the Legion level.

6. Event Classification, Participation, Coordination, and Media Contact

A. Event Classification: the Alpine Garrison adheres to the event classifications listed in the Legion Charter as formal and informal (or canon vs. non-canon). However, within the Garrison, events are listed as either 'official' or 'unofficial'.

i. Official Events: any event where Garrison members are officially representing the club or serving in some official capacity (charitable or promotional). Examples of official events include (but are not limited to):
- annual meetings
- costumed promotional events for Lucasfilm or a licensee
- costumed charitable fundraisers
- armor parties
- birthday parties where the patron makes a donation to a charity in our name
- conventions where you are volunteering or participating in an official Legion/Garrison capacity or event(s).

a. Official events will be tracked in the garrison attendance database and, if applicable, will count toward your Garrison rank advancement as defined in this addendum.

ii. Unofficial Events: members are also free to wear their costumes for other occasions where they are not officially representing the Garrison, even in groups (so long as the gathering does not adversely affect the intellectual property of LFL or the image/reputation of the 501st Legion and/or the Alpine Garrison). Such gatherings are deemed 'unofficial'. Examples of unofficial events include (but are not limited to):
- fan films
- birthday parties where no charitable donation is made
- school show-n-tell
- conventions where you are not volunteering or participating in an official Legion/Garrison capacity or event(s).

a. Unofficial events will also be tracked in the Garrison attendance database, but will not count toward your Garrison rank advancement.

iii. Incidental personal use of your costume (such as trick-or-treating, office parties, etc) are not considered events and will not appear on your tour of duty.

B. Event Participation: unless otherwise stipulated or constrained by the event host, participation in an approved or appropriate 501st costume is encouraged and open to all.
i. In the case of specific or singular/face characters or events where participation numbers are restricted, the Garrison follows a policy of seniority. This seniority is based on the approval date of the specific 501st accepted costume in question as recorded by the GML, not the date of an individual’s initial acceptance in to the Legion.
ii. Except in cases where a costume is sold to simply upgrade or purchase another costume of the exact character/type, if a costume is sold, the seniority with that costume ends. In cases of selling a costume in order to replace or upgrade it, the member has 6 months from the date of its sale to reacquire a qualifying replacement. Otherwise, seniority with that costume is forfeited. Advance notification should be given to the GML of your intent to sell and reacquire said costume. And the GML should likewise be notified when a qualifying replacement is secured. Failure to notify the GML in advance of sale constitutes a lack of intent to replace the costume.
iii. A member must remain active in order to retain their seniority. Active status will be governed by the Legion’s standards (with recognized military, religious, etc. exemptions). Once marked inactive (generally following the annual Census), seniority will be forfeited and will be recalculated starting from the time the member is reactivated.
iv. Each costume in question must be worn at least once to a qualifying event during each census year for seniority with that costume to be sustained.
v. If you move out of the Garrison your seniority will be maintained for a period of 6 months, after which it is forfeited. This 6 month period is to allow for a relocation that doesn’t work out.
vi. Active 501st members moving into the Alpine Garrison will be given half-time seniority credit for costumes acquired and worn in previous garrisons (as stipulated by this policy).
vii. Events organized by a squad within that squad’s boundaries are still Garrison events. However, with regard to squad-organized events and specific or singular/face characters, squad members will have priority over non-squad members regardless of Garrison seniority. Seniority as defined in this section will still apply within the squad.

C. Event Coordination: All members of the Garrison are encouraged to find potential events for the Garrison to participate in. Once an event is located, it should be presented in the Events forum with as much information about the event as possible at the time of posting. This will ensure all events are placed on the calendar and nothing gets overlooked, overbooked, or overlapped.

The member presenting the event will act as Event Coordinator (EC). If this person is unable to fulfill that role, the CO or XO will assign someone who can. The EC is responsible for:
- information about parking, changing facilities, bin storage, foul weather contingencies, facilities (is there power, tables, chairs, bathrooms, etc), and general space needed for the event;
- arranging for items such as camera, background and frame, printers, paper, tables, chairs, canopy, tattoos, bookmarks, download instructions, etc.;
- making and following up on assignments as necessary;
- being the official Point of Contact (PoC) for the event and posting necessary information (location, time, date, directions, etc.) in the Event forum;
- answering questions or concerns pertaining to the event;
- taking attendance at the event and submitting that record to the CO, XO, SL, or GW for proper documentation in the event attendance tracker on the Garrison website;
- make an accounting of funds raised at the event (and for whom they were raised) to the GFO, and deliver said funds to the GFO as soon after the event as possible for deposit;
- submitting a troop report at the conclusion of the event in the event thread, and a copy sent via email or PM to the GS and GH; and
- posting any official press from the event in the Events forum and sending a copy to the GPRO.
Note: Any thank-you letters or correspondence from the event organization should be sent to the CO for response. The CO will forward this to the GH for inclusion in the Garrison History.

D. Media Contact: The GPRO should be the official spokesperson in general or at any event where they are in attendance. All contact with the media should be coordinated through the GPRO. They may call upon others as the situation requires or at the media's request. If the GPRO is not readily available, any Garrison Officer may act in their stead. If no Officers are available, the Event Coordinator can act as the Garrison representative to the media. Cadets and Non-Members should never act as a spokesperson for the Garrison.

7. Garrison Merchandising and Promotional Standards

a. The Alpine Garrison abides by the Legion's guidelines for materials bearing the Legion and/or Garrison logos. Only active 501st members may use official 501st logos in their promotional materials (which include image signature bars or private websites), in accordance with Legion standards.

b. Only active 501st members may purchase Legion or Garrison merchandise. Legion and/or Garrison merchandise purchased by 501st members may be gifted, but not sold to non-501st members.

c. Cadets may purchase Garrison support staff t-shirts as long as said shirts do not bear the Garrison or Legion logo. Cadets cannot purchase any Legion or Garrison merchandise or merchandise that includes the 501st logo or Legion motto. Cadets are limited in the use of the Alpine Garrison logo to use on the Alpine Garrison forums only.

8. Disciplinary Actions

A. For all disciplinary issues concerning any 501st member, the Alpine Garrison adheres to the policies outlined in the Legion Charter.

B. For all disciplinary issues concerning non-501st members (to include cadets), the same format will be followed but with no Legion recourse or record for the accused.

C. Any member of the Garrison can bring a charge or complaint forward to the CO or XO. For non-501st members bringing charges against a 501st member, the non-501st member must have the full support of the CO or XO, who will then bring the official charge(s) against the member.

D. For complaints against members of other clubs, those should be brought to the CO or XO, who will then contact the leadership of the other clubs and present the complaint.

9. Tour of Duty, Garrison Rank Advancement, and Garrison Awards

A. Tour of Duty: For historical purposes, each member of the Garrison will have their official event attendance recorded in their Tour of Duty (ToD) by the CO, XO, SL, or GW. The ToD is displayed on the Garrison website under the member's Garrison profile.

B. Rank Advancement: The Alpine Garrison has developed a ranking system to encourage member participation at events. This ranking system holds no command status. It is strictly for the enjoyment of each individual trooper and gives a history of which events they have personally participated in.

i. Rank credit will be awarded for official events attended in an appropriate (i.e. 501st/bad guy) costume or support capacity. A full credit (gold star***) will be given for each official event attended in an appropriate costume, and a half credit (silver star***) will be given for each official event attended as a spotter (or in some other official non-costumed capacity).

a. Garrison ranks are designated as follows:
1. Cadet = 0 stars (or events)
2. Enlistee = 1 star (or event)
3. Third Class = 5 stars (or events)
4. Second Class = 10 stars (or events)
5. First Class = 25 stars (or events)
6. Apprentice = 50 stars (or events)
7. Master = 100 stars (or events)
8. Grand Master = 250 stars (or events)
9. Emperor = 500 stars (or events)
10. One With the Force = 1000 stars (or events)

*** Participation Stars: These stars will be collapsed or consolidated into the next rank award when said rank is achieved. In other words, once a member has five gold stars, they will disappear and be represented by the third class rank they achieved through those stars. They will then earn additional stars until they have enough for the second class rank, at which time the stars will again disappear and be represented by the second class rank they achieved through accumulating those stars. And so on.

ii. Advancement can only be made through event participation. It is encouraged that all events attended be in an approved 501st costume.

iii. Cadets are restricted in advancement to a maximum rank of first class. However, they retain their cadet rank when they become 501st members and subsequent events will count towards future advancement. For example, a cadet '2nd class' would become a [member] '2nd class'.

iv. Display of Garrison ranking will be by costume class (or in the case of Cadets, by Cadet). For example, someone who has a Legion membership as a Stormtrooper and 15 rank advancement points would be classified as 'Stormtrooper Second Class' and a cadet with 50 rank advancement points would be classified as 'Cadet First Class.' For members who have multiple costumes, the ranking designation will default to your primary costume.

C. Garrison Awards & Medals

i. Each member will receive a virtual award display case on their Garrison website profile page where their Garrison awards, medals, and pins will be presented in virtual format.

ii. Participation in each event is awarded with a star placed in the member's display case.

iii. For each rank attained, a special medallion will be placed in the member's award display case.

iv. Garrison awards (TOTM, Legionnaire, and Emperor's Award) are only available to 501st members.

v. 501st Membership Pin is awarded when the member is officially accepted into the 501st Legion.

vi. Trooper of the Month Medal is awarded and special tags are then added denoting the month and year the award was given.
- Garrison members are nominated by any Garrison member in good standing, citing the reason for nomination.
- Nominations will be accepted from the 1st to the 14th of each month for the preceding month. These nominations are submitted to the CO or XO via PM. The nominations and citations are then posted in the Officer's forum. On the 15th of the month, the Garrison Officers will vote and the selection will be made accordingly. In the event of a tie, the tying nominations will be re-voted upon to resolve the tie.
- While cadets cannot be officially nominated, exceptional actions on the part of a cadet can be noted and given a verbal commendation.
- All Trooper of the Month nominees receive a silver cog to display in their award case.

vii. Imperial Wound Badge is a citation presented to Garrison members who sustain injury in costume during official Garrison events. This Wound Badge is presented at the behest of the CO.
- Event coordinators should forward any injuries received during an event to the CO for review.

viii. Emperor's Award of Merit is presented at the annual meeting to the outstanding member of the preceding 12 months (Feb-Jan).
- The candidates for this award are generally selected from the 12 Trooper of the Month recipients and accompanying nominees, but any official member is eligible;
- Nominations are made by the Officers from February 15th to February 21st in the Officer's forum;
- Voting for the Emperor's Award will be held from February 22nd to February 28th. In the event of a tie, the tying nominations will be re-voted upon to resolve the tie.

ix. The Legionnaire medal is awarded when a 501st member troops 5 different local garrison events in a qualifying 501st costume within different garrisons (or outposts) outside of the Alpine Garrison (minimum of one in each garrison). The color of the medal is initially silver. After 10 such events are trooped outside the Alpine Garrison with 10 different garrisons (or outposts), the color of the medal will be changed from silver to gold. If any of these troops are not only out of the Garrison, but also outside of the United States, an international star will be added to your ribbon. A silver star designates a troop anywhere in North or Central America (which will be called the "North American star") outside of the United States. A gold star designates a troop anywhere beyond North or Central America (which will be called the "global star"). Only one star of each type is given, regardless of how many troops out of the country or overseas you troop.

Note: Legion events and conventions are not counted as a "local garrison event". The key here will be who coordinated the event. For instance, Celebrations, Comic Cons, etc, would generally not count (unless there was a locally-coordinated event held within that larger event by the local Garrison in that area).


10. Inter-club Relations

Event coordination, conflicts and issues, and all other matters between the Alpine Garrison and the other Star Wars costuming groups in Utah (Rogue Base, Krayt Clan, and the R2 Builders) will be handled between Command groups via the Facebook "Local Command" group, or directly between applicable commands or liaisons. The CO and XO are obligatory members of the Local Command group. Other members of the Local Command may be designated by the CO.

For issues between the Garrison and other costuming clubs or entities, those will be handled by Garrison Command and the appropriate liaison or representative of said other club or entity.

Each member of the Garrison is considered an ambassador of the Garrison and the Legion, and should at all times operate and act with courtesy and professionalism with fellow member, other club members, and the general public.

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