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 Post subject: Denver Comic Con booth feedback
PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:20 pm 
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Let me preface by saying I am not trying to start anything negative here: I wanted to provide some feedback from Denver Comic Con and the club booths. I know that people are planning the con space for SLCC but here were my thoughts for what they are worth. Also posting on comlink :)

~Each club was in a line together. There were members from each club helping out as they needed to be when staffing dictated. Each club had their own distinct section though. So their own table, information, branding, etc.
~The photo op area was designated in a section and not spread out. You had to walk by the tables manned with volunteers and info to get to the photos. This gave everyone a chance to engage the con goers.
~They had a designated position on their schedules for the donation taker. They had a clear acrylic box that the person would hold and stand near where people walked by to get photos. I don't know what they raised but the box was always full and was emptied several times. Really puts the focus on fundraising for a cause.
~Changing space was very large and easily fit everyone. The droid builders did not store their droids in the changing room but had their own section that they used so it didn't take up a bunch of space.

~There were not enough costumed attendees. There were points we walked by and there was no one in costume. When Henry and I were in costume we were the only two for about two hours. They said that security concerns scared some members away.
~There were more 501st members than the other groups. Manning their booths meant that they had no idea about the clubs, costumes, droids, etc. so they were just sitting there directing people to the websites if they had questions.
~There was only one photo op backdrop for all the clubs. While this was prime fundraising area it mixed it all up at times and the few times there were a few costumed at the same time it got a little crowded.

Take these suggestions for what they are worth but I loved how the crowd was funneled by the tables to learn about the groups and donate some cash.


 Post subject: Re: Denver Comic Con booth feedback
PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:11 pm 
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Great takeaways. Learn from the pro's and con's of each con. We look for the things that work and and improve from the things that don't.


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